Polish Lava

Polish Lava

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stash and Orginazation!

Hey polish addicts,

I thought I would do a post on how I organize my nail polishes because I know when I first got into nail polish I was like, okay... I have all of these polishes... now what do I do with them?  I found these bins at my storage outlet and they are by sterilite.  They are ment to hold a pair of shoes but I think they're the perfect height for holding polishes.  They were like 5.50 each but it was worth it.  They also stack ontop of eachother!  WOOT WOOT!  I also have a little drawer thing ontop that I got from target and I just keep some random stuff in there.  Here are some pics and explanations!

Ahh its sideways!  But you get the idea.  I keep all of my polishes on my dresser in my room. 

Here is my drawer thing of nail art and other random stuff. 

The first drawer there is all of my nail strengtheners, base coats, and top coats.

Here is my nail art, I have some konad, migi nail art pens, rhinestones, la colors art deco, etc.

Here is a drawer of junky nail polishes that I'm saving for the Zoya nail polish exchange.  WHOS EXCITED FOR THAT!?

This is the tower where I keep all of my polishes.

Here is a little bucket where I keep manicure stuff like cuticle remover, buffers, files, petroleum jelly (marbling), and foundation sponges for gradient nails.

This is actually drawer number two of the tower and this drawer is entirely china glaze <3

This is all drugstore, sally hansen, sinful colors, nyc, claires, forever 21, you get the idea.

This last drawer is nicer brands like zoya, opi, sephora by opi, orly, MAC, borguesse, nars and color club.

Well that's it!

-Polish Lava


  1. Haha glad you think it's neat! I feel like if my polishes aren't neat, then I go crazy. And @ Brittany, haha my friends are always saying I'm addicted, and I AM!

  2. omg i didnt know you had THAT many :O

  3. Haha I know and its grown since then :)! Im a crazy banana