Polish Lava

Polish Lava

Saturday, October 16, 2010

MAC Jade Dragon

Hey Fellow Polish Addicts

I bought this color on the day it was first released because of ALU's picture.  It looked so stunning and then when I went to the counter and saw it in the bottle I was like OMG!  So I bought this sucker for 13$ which for me is pretty pricy for a small bottle of nail polish.  I used it on my toes that day and was like... okay this is a deep green but where's the shimmer?  I just wore it for like a week and thought I couldn't see the shimmer because my feet are all the way down there.  I took it off and my toes were so stained.  This polish is a stainer!  That's why I have never mustered up the courage to use it on my fingernails.  I painted them and still could not see the same shimmer that was in the bottle.  There is some shimmer but its nothing amazing.  I am very dissapoint.  :'(  I wouldn't really reccomend this... I don't know.  I took a lot of pictures and it was very hard to photograph.  I'm going to post a lot of picture of this guy.  SORRY!
-Polish Lava

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