Polish Lava

Polish Lava

Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Nails

Dear Polish Addicts,

I know it's not quite New Years yet but I felt like these nails were appropriate anyway.  I used 2 coats China Glaze Cheers to You (2010 Holiday Collection) for the silver base.  Then I used China Glaze Midinght Kiss (2010 Holiday Collection) for a gradient but the effect didn't pop as much as I would've hoped.  I think it lost too much pigment through the sponge or it was too much like the base color.  Either way.  Then I took some little nail confettis in silver and gold stars and I like this!  Then for my thumbs I did one with 20 and the other with 11 so when you put them together it says 2011!  yay!  I hope you all have a fantastic new year!

-Polish Lava

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

China Glaze Tronica

Just to let you guys know... theres a new collection coming out from china glaze! could it be holos?~ Check out this link for more info!


  • Techno Teal – Turquoise Holographic
  • Virtual Violet – Violet Holographic
  • Electra Magnenta – Magenta Holographic
  • Gamer Glam – Purple Holographic
  • High Def -  Blue Holographic
  • Hologram -  Silver Holographic
  • Hyper Haute – Rasberry Holographic
  • 3D Fantasy – Peachy Pink Holographic
  • Digital Dawn – Dusty Rose Holographic
  • Cyberspace – Taupe Holographic
  • Mega Bite – Gold Holographic
  • Laser Lime – Lime Green Holographic
China Glaze Tronica will be available at BSG starting January/February 2011 and at Sally’s Beauty Supply starting March/April 2011. Which colors are your favorites? Which ones will you be picking up?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Nfu Oh 51

Enlarge the pictures by clicking on them to see flakies detaill.....I love this little sucker!! I'm going to marry it.  This is Nfu Oh #51 Flakies.  First I used 3 coats of Sally Hansen Purple Pizzaz (40) because flakies look best layered.  Then I used one coat of 51 and then fast forward top coat from china glaze.  It's truly amazing.  It's a jelly purple base with these copper flakes that change to green and gold in different lights.  What more could you ask for?!  Everyone needs this.  Seriously!  Here are several pictures at my attempted fail of capturing my love.  I hate my camera =P

Looks weird with flash.. :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Candy Cane Nails

Quick Christmas post!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all :)!

I used 2 coats of Orly Reel Him In (a great christmas red) and LA Colors art deco white for the lines and a silver glitter striper from icing!  I liked them even though they're so simple :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Nfu Oh's are my Lover

OMG so excited.  Seriously.   So I got myself some nfu oh polishes from fabuloustreet.com for 12.50 each which is a little pricy for nail polish but they are so worth it.  GORGEOUS!  I got 6 in my first haul... but then ordered 3 more... gah this is addictive.   If you are easily addicted to things.... beware!  This is what I ordered (I am not bragging, I am doing this to show you guys what I have so you can know what I will be using in a lot of my posts)  I got the aqua base, holo #63, holo #65, lavender cuticle flower oil, flakies: 50, 51, 52, 53, 56 <3!  They are so pretty and I can't wait to do swatches because I have found some amazing layer combos that I can't wait to share!  Here are some pics and note how gorgeous the bottles are :)!

Left to Right: 56, 51, 50

Left to Right: Aqua Base, Lavender Flower Oil

Left to Right: 53, 52

Left to Right: 63, 65

Left to Right: Aqua Base, 63, 65, 53, 52, 56, 51, 50, Flower Oil Lavender

Look at the bottle CHIC!! Its a corset.  etched into the freaking glass!! This is 50 if you were wondering...

Crystal Snowflakes

Hey Polish Addicts,

Here is Zoya Crystal from their winter flame collection.  I used 3 coats and it's just got this icy look to it so I decided to add some snowflakes with konad plate m59 and special white polish.  I love this.  I just feels so wintery!

Mistletoe Kisses

Hey Polish Addicts,

This is China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses from their Christmas collection of this year (2010).  I love it!  Pictured is 2 coats but I probably could've used 3.... Anyway I added some holly with migi pens and glitter with la colors art deco in silver glitter.   Enjoy!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Peace on Earth

Hey Polish Addicts,

I've been trying to use the polishes that i own from the new china glaze collection so here is peace on earth!  It's so amazing!  It has like a glow from within and you can see that from one of the pictures.  I added some white konad with m63.  Enjoy!

Emerald Sparkle

Hey Polish Addicts,

Here is the gorgeous emerald sparkle!  I havent really had sunlight to take a picture of this so exuse the bad picture.  It's rather embarassing.  This is China Glaze Emerald Sparkle, with a konad plate m73  with china glaze passion for the stamp.  It's much prettier in person trust.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tree Decoration Mani!

Hey Polish Addicts,

Our family got our tree and this just inspired me to do some christmas deco. nails!  I used China Glaze tinsel as the base color, then took some migi pens and made some circles with some black hooks and white reflects to make it look like the sun was hitting the ornament.   On my thumb I made a tree with a stump and everything.   I even took a little golden steel bead to make the star of the tree.  These somewhat tickled my tummy because I LOVE christmas!!

Birthday Nails!

Hey Polish Addicts,

My birthday was yesterday so I did some nails that I knew would make me happy ;)  I used OPI Show it and Glow it!  some teal blue rhinestones around the cuticle area, and some fimo cupcakes.  Hehhehe they made me happy :)

Ice Berg/Snow Bank?

Hey Polish Addicts,

I wanted to do some mani with snow so this is what I came up with.  I used 2 coats of China Glaze blue island iced tea (gorgeous!) then I did a gradient with a white and some china glaze fairy dust.  Then I added just a slight amount of a random glitter pot that reminded me of fresh fallen snow.  I like(d)... until it got smudged when I was shopping :'(

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Curtain Nails?

Hey Fellow Polish Addicts!

This is probably going to be my last non-holiday themed nail design!  It is maybelline express finish nail color in Mocha Blast for the base color and I used China Glaze Passion for the konad with plate m64.  China Glaze is such a gorgeous khrome gold that I picked up at Ulta and it's permanent there!  It's not exactly the same as 2030 but for me it works just dandy!  I think it looks like an ornate curtain so that's why I called them curtain nails!

-Polish Lava

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Zoya Wants 20,000 Likes on Facebook!

Saw this and had to share it!  Who doesn't want 3 free zoya polishes? I do!  So get liking!!

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Please, allow us to share our wonderful nail polish and treatment products with your like-minded friends! We are hoping for 20,000 "Likes" on facebook by January 3, 2011, and if we get them, we will provide a code for 3 free bottles* of Zoya Nail Polish to all fans and followers in the Continental US. Yes, we love our international followers too but due to international regulations and restrictions we can only offer this promotion domestically at this time.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Katy Perry Nails!

Good Evening Fellow Polish Addicts!

I've wanted to try this but I've been so scared.... Here she is!  My crazy Katy Perry inspired nails!

As far as how I did it... I am not a professional so I do not have gel or a UV lamp to really lock these suckers in but I did the best with what I had.  My Way is as follows...
1. Apply nail strengthener (Optional) (Essie Millionails)
2.  Apply 2 coats of Gelous Advanced nail gel coat
3. Apply clear polish to one nail at a time.  (Be careful to keep the polish on the nail or you will have sprinkles where you dont want them.
4. Quickly dunk nail into container of nonparles sprinkles.
5. Remove from container.
6. Pick off any sprinkles if needed and take another finger and run it across the tip of nail to ensure that there are none hanging off the tip for they will break off.  They will be very movable so you can maneuver them as needed.
7.  Let set for good 10 min.
8. Apply thick coat of same gel coat all over sprinkles making sure not to miss any parts.
9. Let dry for 10 min. and apply top coat (I just used opi top coat)
*** I wouldn't use a fast dry top coat because i think it could break the sprinkles... idk

I have no idea how long these will last me but they look cool right now!

-Polish Lava
6. Take toothpick and

Sunday, November 28, 2010

OPI Simmer & Shimmer

Hey Polish Addicts!

I know I'm posting a lot today but I have stuff to catch up on!  This is Simmer & Shimmer by OPI from the Burselsque collection.  I LOVE IT!  Its so glittery!  I then added some konad from m3 and m59 with special white polish.  On my thumb I put a pink rhinestone in the center of the bow and added a pink heart with a migi pen.  I love it!  Just scared to remove it.... AHH!

Finger Army Nail Art

Hey Polish Addicts,

I did this mani on my mom because I saw it on Meliney's youtube channel.  This was inspired by her!  This is the link to the tutorial and I give her all the credit for the idea!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNxhjRsPouw/.  My mom loved it!  If you want to know how to do this watch the video.  I used migi pen in black, zoya malia for the main color, and sally hansen blue me away for the polka dots.  :)!  This made me smile so much.  Sorry for the weird pics... she's not the best bottle holder lol.

Color Club Si Vous Please?

Hey polish addicts,

I got Color Club Si Vous Please at the Christmas Tree shop and used two coats on my nails and the pictures don't do it justice for how beautiful this glitter is.  I think this is the same color as Snowflake which came out in a mini christmas set.  So chic! Then I got bored so added a french tip.  Everyone needs this glitter!!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Zoya Harley

These are one of the polishes that I recieved from the bogo sale and I love the color... but I don't think it flatters my skin tone :(  Anywho this is Zoya Harley (twist collection) a soft grey with slight silver pearl/shimmers.  I used konad plate 65 and China Glaze Grape Pop for the stamping color.


-Polish Lava

It's a Boy!

Hey guys!

One of the people closetest to me is having a baby boy and these were my baby boy nails themed for her shower.  I used a migi nail art pen from the black set the baby blue to draw the blue polka dots, baby foot, and for the blue main color.  Then I used a white migi for the polka dots and china glaze white on white.  I was going out the door when i took this so sorry its messy and i know theres a dent, but ya get the idea.

-Polish Lava

Thursday, November 18, 2010

French With Sprinkles HARRY POTTER!!

Good Evening Polish Addicts,

I just wanted something quick so I did a colored french mani with LA Colors art deco in flammin (beautiful shimmering red with yellow shimmers).  Then I added 2 coats of china glaze golden enchantment.
 I got bored and I'm going to the Harry Potter midnight showing so I addded a lightening bolt with nonparells sprinkles.  I saw katy perry's mani and rushed out to buy these suckers!  Its so cool looking and so 3-D!  LOVE IT!  I was so happy so I added a smiley face to my thumb.  I applied them just like rhinestones.  Super easy! <3!

-Polish Lava

Zoya Perrie With Some Stripers!

Some quick nail art here!
I used 2 coats of zoya perrie.  Then I took nail art stripers from la colors art deco in black and then silver glitter to create that flowerish stripe design.  Then I took a migi nail art pen in black to create the dots.  Just a quick tip with the art deco glitters is to use 2 coats if you want more of an opaque glitter like shown here. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Classic Pearl Nails

Quick Post!

2 coats of zoya kali. 1 pearl on each cuticle area.  Classy and quick!

Exuse the mess!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Funky French with Konad m57

Good Morning Polish Addicts!

I have a nail design for you guys that isn't crazy but it's fun but yet sophisticated.  These are the nails that I chose to do for my clarinet audtion.  I started out with the idea of just doing a french manicure but then I got bored with that.  So I added so pink lines with silver glitter over them.  Then I stamped some flowers from m57 with a thin white polish to get that subtle affect.  I added some yellow dots in the center and stems with silver glitter!  I actually really like this.


Products: Orly french tip point blanche, forever21 nail art pen hot pink, la colors art deco silver glitter, la colors art deco yellow, la colors art deco white (for konad), konad stamper and scraper, plate m57


Happy Friday!

-Polish Lava

Sunday, November 7, 2010

China Glaze Party Hearty (With Some Fimo)

Hey Polish Addicts,

I was at sallys to pick up China Glaze Party Hearty from their Christmas collection and slapped on 3 coats!  Then I took some bunny fimo and put it on my ring finger.  I like!  Even if it is a little early and christmasy looking.


Polish Lava

Nail Art Experiment With Steel Beads

Hey polish addicts,

I got a steel bead wheel on ebay and wanted to do something with it.  I used claries marine blue to stamp a flower image Konad M65.  I followed some of the lines with gold steel beads and put one in the center.  I also retraced the image freehand and made it look better.  I just kept adding with some of the same color polka dots and when that wasn't enough I added a black french tip with LA Colors Art Deco in Black.   This took me legit 5 minutes and it had to because my friend was picking me up to go dress shopping!

Hope you like!

-Polish Lava