Polish Lava

Polish Lava

Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Mom's Hallloween Mani

Happy Halloween fellow polish addicts!

My mom wanted me to do her nails so I more than happily accepted.  I painted all her nails except the ring finger with NYC Times Square Tangerine Creme.  The ring finger I just painted black.  Here are some pics.  For the designs I used migi nail art pens (silver set)

 Index: Candy Corn, Middle: Boo!, Ring: Night pumpkin scene, Pinkey: Cute ghost
 Thumb: 2 failed spider webs.
 Both Hands together
Bottle Pic!


-Polish Lava

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Halloween Mani!

Hey Fellow Polish Addicts,

Here is my halloween mani and how I did it :)  I really love it!  It is ruffian style.

 First I painted my nails with 2 coats of China Glaze Orange Marmalade.  Then I placed some french tip guides towards the edge of my cuticles depending on how far you want the orange to show.  Make sure they are securely in place.
Then I painted below the guides with China Glaze Fortune Teller (2 Coats).  Then you want to remove the nail guides where the second coat is still wet.  Be sure to peel in the direction that they go on your nail.  I actually used a pair of tweezers to peel them off to ensure that I didn't smudge the polish.

Here's the finished product!  I adore it!  Hope you do too!  Have a GHOULISH HALLOWEEN!

Mauve Dupe Alert!

Hello Fellow Polish Addicts!

Just thought I would do a post on two mauve polishes, one high end, and one drugstore, that are a gorgeous pink milky mauve color.  They are almost total dupes.  The drugstore one is Vacation Time Sinful Colors (1.99 Walgreens) and Java Mauva-a O.P.I (OPI retailers 8.50).  They are both colors that I find in for fall.   The formula on both of these were excellent, but the OPI was a little more buttery.   OPI dried a little faster but the Drugstore is cheaper.  If anything, OPI was a little pinker.

 Sinful Colors: Left, O.P.I: Right

Till Next Time,

Polish Lava

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Speedy Nail Art

Quick Post Quick Nail art.  La colors art deco striper black.  Rhinestones.  Topcoat.  ENOUGH SAID.

Took legit 5 minutes including drying time.

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Good Evening Polish Addicts,

Every-time I go into sally's I always think about getting ruby pumps but never do. It is one of China Glaze's most popular polishes so I decided to pick it up.  I am not a huge fan of reds but his looked absolutely gorg. in the bottle.  But I put 2 coats on my nails and wanted to cry.  I had expected so much more from this polish.  Maybe it's just me but I didn't LOVE it.  It was hard to photograph though.  Here are my failed attempts.

French Manicure

Fellow Polish Addicts,

Sometimes after doing a lot of crazy nails, I think it's nice to just do a classy french manicure.  Here is how I do mine!  This is my way, it's not very good but heres how i do it.

1.  Apply base coat (I use nail life gripper)
2. Apply white to your tips.  I use orly point blanche which is an opaque white with a thinner brush to make doing it on short nails.  I usually do two coats of that and I freehand it.  I just find tape and nail guides to not look natural and just a pain.  
3.  Then I apply one even coat of sally hansen insta dri petal pusher once the white is completely dry.  
4.  Lastly, I seal it with a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward Topcoat.

This takes me about 3 minutes of actually painting time and by 30 minutes everything is just about dry.  Here are some pictures and I know it's not close to perfect!  

-Polish Lava

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Permanent China Glaze Line at Sally Beauty Supply

Hey polish addicts,

This is just a quick post letting you guys know that sally's has added some new colors to their permanent china glaze display.  Some colors from the up and away collection that I saw were lemon fizz, refresh mint, and four leaf clover.  From poolside I noticed flip flop fantasy and sun worshiper.  I also saw dorthy who from the wizard of ohh oz collection and let me say I was lucky enough to pick up that color when the collection actually came out and it is HAWT!  There may be more new ones but I didn't look that hard.  Just thought I would let ya know just incase any of you missed out on any of those colors.  I'm going to be picking up sun worshiper when summer comes around because I missed out on that one!

***NOTE!  There also have been some polishes taken away from the permanent display such as grape juice and strawberry fields from the summer days collection.  TEAR ROLLS DOWN MY CHEEK!  Strawberry Fields is my favorite nail polish of all time and NOW ITS GONE!

-Polish Lava

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ke$ha Nails!

Good afternoon polish addicts,

I love the leapord print pedicure ke$ha sports in her TiK ToK music video!  So I am going to her concert and decided to do these nails!  For the color I used love and beauty Gold (love and beauty is the name of forever21's beauty line) and I actauly love the color.  Then I stamped on the leapord print plate from konad m57 and adore it!  if I do say so myslef, this konad was not a fail.

-Polish Lava
This is two coats.  It's a really cool funky color like a deep burnt extremely yellow gold.  Some might say it's ugly and I could see that, but I think it's suited for a ke$ha concert.


Stash and Orginazation!

Hey polish addicts,

I thought I would do a post on how I organize my nail polishes because I know when I first got into nail polish I was like, okay... I have all of these polishes... now what do I do with them?  I found these bins at my storage outlet and they are by sterilite.  They are ment to hold a pair of shoes but I think they're the perfect height for holding polishes.  They were like 5.50 each but it was worth it.  They also stack ontop of eachother!  WOOT WOOT!  I also have a little drawer thing ontop that I got from target and I just keep some random stuff in there.  Here are some pics and explanations!

Ahh its sideways!  But you get the idea.  I keep all of my polishes on my dresser in my room. 

Here is my drawer thing of nail art and other random stuff. 

The first drawer there is all of my nail strengtheners, base coats, and top coats.

Here is my nail art, I have some konad, migi nail art pens, rhinestones, la colors art deco, etc.

Here is a drawer of junky nail polishes that I'm saving for the Zoya nail polish exchange.  WHOS EXCITED FOR THAT!?

This is the tower where I keep all of my polishes.

Here is a little bucket where I keep manicure stuff like cuticle remover, buffers, files, petroleum jelly (marbling), and foundation sponges for gradient nails.

This is actually drawer number two of the tower and this drawer is entirely china glaze <3

This is all drugstore, sally hansen, sinful colors, nyc, claires, forever 21, you get the idea.

This last drawer is nicer brands like zoya, opi, sephora by opi, orly, MAC, borguesse, nars and color club.

Well that's it!

-Polish Lava

Sunday, October 17, 2010

China Glaze: For Audrey Konad m57

Hey polish addicts,

I wanted to break out my bottle of For Audrey and just added some quick konad.  It looks like poop.  AHHH!  I need to get better.  Here she blows.  I'm so embarassed....
Figured I'd Post it ANYWAY!

Until Next Fail,

-Polish lava :'(
Please don't laugh at me.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

MAC Jade Dragon

Hey Fellow Polish Addicts

I bought this color on the day it was first released because of ALU's picture.  It looked so stunning and then when I went to the counter and saw it in the bottle I was like OMG!  So I bought this sucker for 13$ which for me is pretty pricy for a small bottle of nail polish.  I used it on my toes that day and was like... okay this is a deep green but where's the shimmer?  I just wore it for like a week and thought I couldn't see the shimmer because my feet are all the way down there.  I took it off and my toes were so stained.  This polish is a stainer!  That's why I have never mustered up the courage to use it on my fingernails.  I painted them and still could not see the same shimmer that was in the bottle.  There is some shimmer but its nothing amazing.  I am very dissapoint.  :'(  I wouldn't really reccomend this... I don't know.  I took a lot of pictures and it was very hard to photograph.  I'm going to post a lot of picture of this guy.  SORRY!
-Polish Lava

NOTD: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Petal Pusher

Hey follow polish addicts!

Life has been sooo crazy!  I did this nail like 3 days ago but I could not find time to post it!  I just wanted something really quick and neutral because it was so late at night and my other polish was giving me the chippies!  So I choose Petal Pusher from sally hansen's line of quick drying polishes.  The formula on this stunk.  It was so frustrating and I took it off because it was so bubbly!  UGH!  Polishes like this frustrate me.  It is a very sheer color so I used 3 coats and still it wasn't totally opaque!  It almost made my nails look like they had really crummy outgrown acrilicys which my nails are 100% natural.  This color isn't really unique, its just a very light neutral pink. Well here ya go!

 Does this not make my nails look so weird?!
-Polish Lava

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quick Nail Art

Hey Fellow Polish Addicts.

I was in a hurry today but knew I had to get a quick mani in and I had this hot pink striper and wanted to do something with it.  So I gave my self a french tip, added to it with some white polka dots using a migi nail art pen, and topped it off with 2 coats of china glaze fairy dust.  I thought it looked really simple and cute so I figured I would take a picture of it even though its fairly messy.  Here ya go!
(I took a picture of it upside down just cuz imma be crazy)
-Polish Lava

Monday, October 11, 2010

Milani Holographic 3D- Hi-Res Konad m60

Good Afternoon Polish Addicts,

I was at CVS and saw these holographic awesomes!  I picked up Digital and Hi-Res.  I can't to go back and get the other 4!  I have always wanted to buy the China Glaze OMG Collection but I missed out on it and if you buy them on ebay its rediculously expensive.  But these are pretty amazing holographic polishes!  The base color reminds me of China Glaze Grape Juice but when the light hits it, it's crazazy!  I added some suttle konad with the plate m60 and Clarie's platnium.  I need more polishes that work with konad!  Have any ideas?

Enjoy your holiday!

-Polish Lava

Monday, October 4, 2010

My First Konad! (FAIL!)

Good Evening Fellow Polish Addicts,

 I recieved my konad in the mail today and I thought ey this is gonna be easy as pie.   WELL IT WASN'T!  This first konadicure of mine is a total fail.  It looks so messy but I figured I would post it to show that it's not as easy as it seems.

I used the swirley circle design from plate M65.  For the design I used Claire's Platnium which is a khrome silver and it worked amazingly!  I just used a black from N.Y.C.

Untill Next Time,
Polish Lava

Saturday, October 2, 2010

NOTD: Zoya Happi

Greetings fellow polish addicts,

As I am sure you all know, but October is Breast Cancer Awarness month so I pledged that I would wear pink nails at least once during October.  I really do not like pink nail polish because I find that it's too common.  I like wearing blues, greens, and purples.  I do love this polish Happi by Zoya though because the color itself is just a normal almost barbie pink base but it has this incredible gold shimmer to it.  If you are in really bright light you can also detect some green flecks.  HOT!  I love this sucker and I have to admit that this is the first time I've worn it.  Do you like my new nail shape?

If you enlarge this picture (by clicking on it) you can really see the gold shimmer.   This is not really a good picture of the color itself but I posted it anyway because I think it shows the gold shimmer well.
This picture captures the true pink color.
I loved how the golden shimmer in the bottle just exploded in this picture!  

Until next time

-Polish Lava