Polish Lava

Polish Lava

Saturday, September 25, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze Watermelon Rind

Good evening my fellow polish addicts!

I just found this pic that I ment to post about 2 weeks ago... But I figured better late then never!  Here it is China Glaze Watermelon Rind!  Another color from their summer days collection of glass-flecked fomula which I adore!  It's an emerald green base with some silver glass fleck.  Gorgeous!  AHH PLEASE EXCUSE THE MESSYNESS!  I had just taken this picture after painting and I was in the hugest hurry and I didn't have time to clean up!

-Polish Lava

I'm Trying Konad!

Good evening fellow polish addicts,

I know the Konad craze is nothing new but I finally mustered up the courage and placed an order on konadnailart.com!  I know everyone seems to be ordering from wowsocool.com but I don't understand why because their plates are .50 more... Anywho I purchased 4 plates and the doublesided stamper and scraper set.  I didn't purchase any special konad polishes because I already have a black and white LA Colors Art Deco that has the needed thick consistency.  So if I do get more into Konad,  I will be picking up different Art Decos seeing how much cheaper they are.  The plates I ordered are M56, M57, M60, and M65.  I only picked up a few because it's my first purchase so I wanted to see how they work.  I should recieve my order in a couple days so I will let you guys know what I think!  Here are some pics below of the plates I ordered.

-Polish Lava

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Color Club Found at Christmas Tree Shop!

So being that I have followed various nail blogs, I have seen many swatches of different collections such as OPI, China Glaze, MAC, Essie, and then Color Club.  I always knew where to buy all of those brands except for color club.  But, my mom and I were at the Christmas Tree Shop because she needed to pick up a picture frame.  BUT!  I went to the nail polish section because I'm such a nail nerd hah.  SO!  What do I see?  COLOR CLUB DISPLAY!  They actually had quite a few polishes but I only picked up one.  I picked up pucchilictious which is a pretty cool purple that dries neon.  I will post a swatch sometime, but I just had to share the news that you could find it there!  I plan on going back soon and picking up many more!  I will so totally be picking up revolution becuase it's just black holographic awesomeness! They retail for 2.99 so I found that pretty exciting!

Peace out lacquer lovers!

Monday, September 6, 2010

My First Marble Mani!

So I had been watching some videos for a while on marble manis and thought it was like the coolest thing ever.   I tried it once and the water just did not work and the polishes I used sunk.  But I tried it agian and it came out incredible!  I used White on White by China Glaze for an opaque white base.  The two colors that I marbled with were Grape Pop and Light as Air by China Glaze from the Up & Away collection.  Then to top it off, I used Fairy Dust by China Glaze for that extra little touch.  This picture was taken on my phone so I hope it looks okay...   If you have any further questions on marble manis feel free to ask in the comments and I will be happy to answer :)

-Polish Lava

NOTD: China Glaze Orange Marmalade (Summer Days 2010)

My Fellow Polish Lovers,

I was just in the mood for some China Glaze glass-flecked awesomenss.  So I choose Orange Marmalade becuase I felt like it was still summerish but I was looking for something that also transitions into fall.  This polish fit those wishes perfectly!  I never knew how much I loved this polish!  This was actually my first time using it (but my mother has used it before haha she always steals my polishes!).  It is limited edition but I purchased it off of Transdesign.  Some of the other Summer Days colors can be found at Sally Beauty Supply such as Strawberry Fields, Grape Juice, and Watermelon Rind.
 Please excuse the horrible tip wear and cuticle messyness.  I actually painted my nails two days before this was taken so there was quite a bit of wear.  This was three coats.  I could've gotten away with 2 coats but there was too much of my white tips showing.
 Here is an indoor shot of the polish with the artificial lighting of my bathroom lol.
Today I was very lucky with sunlight so you can pick up quite a bit of the gold glass flecks!
Here is also a sideview to get even more of the glass fleckyness!  NEW WORD!

Who am I and what am I doing here?!


My name is Emma and I will formaly be known as the Polish Lava.  Lava like lover?  Get it?!  Instead of Polish Lover it's Polish Lava!  Wow.  Haha.  Well I have been in love with nail polish for about 3 months or so and followed blogs such as Scrangie, Alllacqueredup, and Vampy Varnish, and figured what the hey!  I'm going to create my own nail blog!  I don't care how many followers I get, becuause I'm in it to express my true love of polish.  I try to get certian polishes when they come out so feel free to leave requests if you want a swatch of certain things.  I will also do nail of the days every week or so.  I usually paint my nails every Saturday because I am quite the busy bee during the week!

Your Polish Addict,