Polish Lava

Polish Lava

Monday, October 11, 2010

Milani Holographic 3D- Hi-Res Konad m60

Good Afternoon Polish Addicts,

I was at CVS and saw these holographic awesomes!  I picked up Digital and Hi-Res.  I can't to go back and get the other 4!  I have always wanted to buy the China Glaze OMG Collection but I missed out on it and if you buy them on ebay its rediculously expensive.  But these are pretty amazing holographic polishes!  The base color reminds me of China Glaze Grape Juice but when the light hits it, it's crazazy!  I added some suttle konad with the plate m60 and Clarie's platnium.  I need more polishes that work with konad!  Have any ideas?

Enjoy your holiday!

-Polish Lava


  1. awww thanks hun! I think my konad skills will get a little bit better each time (hopefully!)