Polish Lava

Polish Lava

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Trying Konad!

Good evening fellow polish addicts,

I know the Konad craze is nothing new but I finally mustered up the courage and placed an order on konadnailart.com!  I know everyone seems to be ordering from wowsocool.com but I don't understand why because their plates are .50 more... Anywho I purchased 4 plates and the doublesided stamper and scraper set.  I didn't purchase any special konad polishes because I already have a black and white LA Colors Art Deco that has the needed thick consistency.  So if I do get more into Konad,  I will be picking up different Art Decos seeing how much cheaper they are.  The plates I ordered are M56, M57, M60, and M65.  I only picked up a few because it's my first purchase so I wanted to see how they work.  I should recieve my order in a couple days so I will let you guys know what I think!  Here are some pics below of the plates I ordered.

-Polish Lava


  1. Awesome. You are going to be SO very addicted.
    Have fun and can't wait to see your fun time,