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Polish Lava

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Color Club Found at Christmas Tree Shop!

So being that I have followed various nail blogs, I have seen many swatches of different collections such as OPI, China Glaze, MAC, Essie, and then Color Club.  I always knew where to buy all of those brands except for color club.  But, my mom and I were at the Christmas Tree Shop because she needed to pick up a picture frame.  BUT!  I went to the nail polish section because I'm such a nail nerd hah.  SO!  What do I see?  COLOR CLUB DISPLAY!  They actually had quite a few polishes but I only picked up one.  I picked up pucchilictious which is a pretty cool purple that dries neon.  I will post a swatch sometime, but I just had to share the news that you could find it there!  I plan on going back soon and picking up many more!  I will so totally be picking up revolution becuase it's just black holographic awesomeness! They retail for 2.99 so I found that pretty exciting!

Peace out lacquer lovers!


  1. Our Christmas Tree Shop is 2 hours away but it is good to now that Color Club is there. Thanks a bunch.
    I'm following you now,

  2. If you don't mind buying online check out www.head2toebeauty.com
    It is my one stop shop for everything nail polish!