Polish Lava

Polish Lava

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Katy Perry Nails!

Good Evening Fellow Polish Addicts!

I've wanted to try this but I've been so scared.... Here she is!  My crazy Katy Perry inspired nails!

As far as how I did it... I am not a professional so I do not have gel or a UV lamp to really lock these suckers in but I did the best with what I had.  My Way is as follows...
1. Apply nail strengthener (Optional) (Essie Millionails)
2.  Apply 2 coats of Gelous Advanced nail gel coat
3. Apply clear polish to one nail at a time.  (Be careful to keep the polish on the nail or you will have sprinkles where you dont want them.
4. Quickly dunk nail into container of nonparles sprinkles.
5. Remove from container.
6. Pick off any sprinkles if needed and take another finger and run it across the tip of nail to ensure that there are none hanging off the tip for they will break off.  They will be very movable so you can maneuver them as needed.
7.  Let set for good 10 min.
8. Apply thick coat of same gel coat all over sprinkles making sure not to miss any parts.
9. Let dry for 10 min. and apply top coat (I just used opi top coat)
*** I wouldn't use a fast dry top coat because i think it could break the sprinkles... idk

I have no idea how long these will last me but they look cool right now!

-Polish Lava
6. Take toothpick and


  1. thanks guys! you should all try it. it looks so crazy!!!

  2. Love it! I think yours actually look better than hers did!

  3. Omg!! I love that you did this!! So cute, I want to eat them :)

  4. Chloe- Thanks so much! Thats such a compliment coming from the scotch tape queen! :)
    Brittany- Hahhaha thanks :) I'm happy I did it too. I wanted to eat them the entire day! I've actually had people at school ask me if they can eat one :)!

  5. LOVE the sprinkles! This is awesome.

  6. This is just too cute... I might have to try this myself...I love Katy Perry too - she's always got the cutest manicures :)

  7. I tried this last night -

    #1 - the sprinkles definitely stained the rest of my fingers, and my nails. Pink EVERYWHERE!
    #2 - do it somewhere you can easily throw the sprinkles away
    #3 - the hardest part was making sure they stuck on your nails in the right formation. Was really difficult to keep the end of the nail covered.

  8. yeah it was tricky! sorry to hear about the staining! i warned about it in my other sprinkle post :( they lasted me a day

  9. This is so cool! Its like a rainbow on your nails

  10. This is adorable! Bummer that they only last a day, but what a festive day it'll be... definitely adding to my to-do list.

    <3 www.mybunnygoboom.com