Polish Lava

Polish Lava

Friday, December 24, 2010

Nfu Oh's are my Lover

OMG so excited.  Seriously.   So I got myself some nfu oh polishes from fabuloustreet.com for 12.50 each which is a little pricy for nail polish but they are so worth it.  GORGEOUS!  I got 6 in my first haul... but then ordered 3 more... gah this is addictive.   If you are easily addicted to things.... beware!  This is what I ordered (I am not bragging, I am doing this to show you guys what I have so you can know what I will be using in a lot of my posts)  I got the aqua base, holo #63, holo #65, lavender cuticle flower oil, flakies: 50, 51, 52, 53, 56 <3!  They are so pretty and I can't wait to do swatches because I have found some amazing layer combos that I can't wait to share!  Here are some pics and note how gorgeous the bottles are :)!

Left to Right: 56, 51, 50

Left to Right: Aqua Base, Lavender Flower Oil

Left to Right: 53, 52

Left to Right: 63, 65

Left to Right: Aqua Base, 63, 65, 53, 52, 56, 51, 50, Flower Oil Lavender

Look at the bottle CHIC!! Its a corset.  etched into the freaking glass!! This is 50 if you were wondering...


  1. Wow! What a haul! I haven't tried any of these before, but can't wait to see your swatches!!

  2. WOW!! So luckkkkyyyyy, i don't own ANY nfu ohs. i really want a holographic oneeeee. can't wait to see the swatches :))))

  3. They are very pretty. Nfu Oh's are yet to be in my collection. Maybe one day... :)

  4. you guys neeeeed to try some. there is free shipping to the US with no minimum order amount. If you only order one I highly suggest 51! Because with the holographics you need to get the aqua base which makes it a little pricy but if it's a special occasion it's so worth it.