Polish Lava

Polish Lava

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Perfect Mermaid Scales

Dear Polish Addicts,

I have been really busy so please exusse the terrrible pictures.  I took them on my phone lol.  My camera can't focus in dim lighting and I haven't been home for daylight.   But anywho! I went into sallys the other day and the gorgeous atlantis was there.  I flipped out in the store.  Haha anyway atlantis is a gorgeous green blue jelly with holographic particles.  It was 3 THICK coats but it was worth it!  Then I added a little flower decal and to make it mermaid scales... Nfu OH 50!  Yay!  My pictures stink.  But if you have both of these polishes.  DO IT!

-Polish Lava


 Atlantis stands alone.  Can you tell I was studying for science? LOL

And the wonderful blureed holo.  MMMMMmmmmm


  1. Wow, so pretty! I must have this polish now!

  2. So incredibly pretty! I love this color and the glitter.

  3. I like it. Good luck on your chemistry =)